This was .NET Day Switzerland 2018

That’s it, .NET Day Switzerland took place on May 29th and is now history. In this blog post I want to summarize the experience we had and thank everybody who made it possible!

If you are curious about the history of .NET Day Switzerland, you can read the introductory blog post that I wrote in February this year:

We managed to sell the exact amount of tickets that we had in our mind when we planned the event and we welcomed 200 attendees at the Bananenreiferei in Zurich. This is exactly double the number of participants that we had at the first .NET Day Switzerland in the year 2017. Goal achieved, we are happy. 🙂

The full photo gallery and newsletter signup are available at
The slides have been published to our speakerdeck account:


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the speakers and staff members who made the event possible:


Special Thanks to out to our fantastic speakers. We are really happy with the show that you guys (and girl) pulled off:

Thanks Julie Lerman for keynoting the event with the “Hitchhikers Guide to Growing Your Tech Skills” and additionally speaking about “Cross-Platform Data APIs”!


Thanks to Filip Wojcieszyn for his talk about “C# Scripting in the .NET Core World”!


Thanks to Thomas Gassmann & Thomas Bandixen for their “Angular Developer Quick Start”!


Thanks to Emanuele Bartolesi for his talk about “.NET Core in the Real World”!


Thanks to Manfred Steyer for his session about “Architectures for Huge Angular Based Enterprise Applications”!


Thanks to Daniel Marbach & his side project for his talk about “Refactoring your codebase to async/await”!


Thanks to Manuel Rauber for his presentation on “Real Cross-Platform with Angular, PWAs, Electron & Cordova”!


Thanks to Marc Müller for his session on “Automated Release Pipelines with VSTS, Kubernetes and ASP.NET Core Microservices”!

Thank you to Dirk Bäumer for his talk on “VSCode, the Open Source Code Editor built with TypeScript and HTML5”!


Thanks to Mete Atamel for showing us how to run “ASP.NET Apps on the Google Cloud”!


And finally thanks to Adam Ralph for his closing keynote “Code on the Road”!

At noon we enjoyed the warm summer weather on the deck with great food from A big thank you goes out to Marc Tobien and his team for serving all of our attendees with delicious food! Check them out at


The event would not have been possible without our sponsors and partners. A big thank you goes out to Sonova:

and Digicomp for being a part of the event:

Additional thanks go out to:


If you are looking for an awesome event location in the heart of urban Zürich, check out Thanks to Mirjam Jäggi and her team for spectacular preparation and an outstanding performance!

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my fellow co-founder/-organizer and -host Fabian Gosebrink who pulled off the organization of .NET Day with me. Thanks!

We are sure that .NET Day Switzerland will be back.
Check the website for info and SIGN UP TO THE NEWSLETTER!

If you are interested sponsoring future .NET Days, please contact us at!

In the meantime, check out our community partners who all have amazing events coming up:


Thank you all for being a part of .NET Day Switzerland 2018!!!! Cheers!



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