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Debugging and Profiling in VS2015 Article on

If you are interested in the new debugging and profiling features that came with Visual Studio 2015, check out my article on Simple talk is the “technical journal and community hub from Redgate”. I urge you to check it out if you are interested either in Sql Server, .NET, Azure or all of...CONTINUE READING

.NET Power Tip 8: Troubleshooting log4net Configurations

The configuration part of Log4Net often causes severe headaches. Most of the times, a small mistakes prevents any log output at all. By adding the following snippet to your projects config file, log4net will print out its diagnostics information that often helps to pinpoint any problems: 1. Set debug=”true” in the first line of your...CONTINUE READING

Entity Framework Performance Resources

Today, I stumbled upon a great article on Entity Framework performance gotchas and ways to make stuff faster. The article is from Ben Emmet, a technical project manager at Redgate  ( This blog post has two parts. Part 1, provides an index-style summary of two great articles on EF performance optimizations and part 2 introduces...CONTINUE READING
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