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AzureAdventures: Cannot Create Mobile Service Error 500

When you try to create an azure mobile service, based on an existing Azure database, you could get the following error message: The following mobile service was not created: ‘asdfasdfasdfasdf’. Error 500 And in the details: {"message":"Please try again. If the problem persists, contact support.","ErrorMessage":"Please try again. If the problem persists, contact support.", "httpStatusCode":"InternalServerError", "operationTrackingId":"","stackTrace":null,"Padding":null}...CONTINUE READING

.NET Power Tip 4: Playing with Format Strings

  Many developers heavily underestimate the power of the format string. This post shows a couple of examples that can greatly facilitate a coders daily life. Don’t know what a format string is, look here: Another  great resource with some more advanced ideas: Remember that there are multiple ways how a format string...CONTINUE READING

VS2015 New Debugging and Performance Features (German)

I wrote an article for the August 2015 edition of Windows Developer Magazin that introduces the new debugging features in Visual Studio 2015. I has recently been published online for everybody to read. If you are interested in debugging in VS2015, go check it out (note: it is written in German): The article presents...CONTINUE READING

WPF: The Infragistics WPF Roadmap – WPF IS NOT DEAD!

Today I stumbled across an interesting whitepaper by Infragistics. It is called “The Windows Presentation Foundation Roadmap: 2015 and Beyond”. You can get it here: The contents are: Introduction A Brief History of Windows Presentation Foundation .NET, Open Source and WPF The WPF Roadmap The Infragistics Roadmap Commiting to WPF with Confidence Interesting points:...CONTINUE READING

.NET Power Tip 3: Reading Data from Excel/CSV

As with writing data to Excel, reading data can be achieved in multiple ways. If you need read and write capabilities, check out .NET PowerTip 2: However, if you just need to read some data, there is a magnificent library to help you out. Meet LinqToExcel . How does it work: Add the...CONTINUE READING

.NET PowerTip 2: Writing Data to Excel

Every now and then, developers have to write data to excel. There are several approaches: 1. Full fledged Excel Interop: Add the interop assembly to your project, connect to your local excel application, create workbook, sheet, fill data, etc. Example: Drawback 1: You need excel on the client. Drawback 2: The Excel version installed...CONTINUE READING
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