Introduction to Windows Azure Live Mesh/Live Framework

This post gives an overview about Live Mesh, Live Services and the Live Framework.

Cloud computing is on the rise. The benefits of cloud computing programming paradigms are becoming clearer every day. But, as many problems are solved, new problems arrive.

The biggest issue in regard to cloud computing is connectivity. What can you do if you can not access the cloud. The Windows Azure Live Framework has answers…



Live Mesh is a service provided by Windows Live. Its goal is to provide a rich user experience by combining all of the users devices, such as personal computer, notebooks, mobile devices, media centers and more to a mesh. Your mesh can be accessed through a website called the “Live Desktop” where you can access all the files, devices and applications in your LiveMesh. All the devices you add to your LiveMesh will be shown in your Ring Of Devices.


Live Mesh tries to mitigate the fact that getting a new device often makes live harder whereas it should make live easier. It tries to unify all

the devices to one big mesh. The user can add a device to the mesh and synchronize data (folders, files) and applications to all the devices in his mesh.

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The Live Services are one of the service blocks of the Windows Azure Platform. The Live Framework is the means required to program Live Services.



Windows Live Framework

The Live Framework is a Framework for Software developers. It provides a cloud infrastructure that can easily be accessed using familiar tools such as Visual Studio. It allows developers to program the cloud and use all resources and features of Live Mesh. The Live Framework takes care of all the hard programming tasks such as identity management, authentication, synchronization and caching. Its goal is to let the developer take care of the application development and provide an infrastructure that handles the above mentioned tasks in the background. The Live Framework is currently released as a Community Technology Preview (CTP April 09).

If you would like to join the Live Framework CTP, visit:


In my next post I will provide a deeper glance at the Live Framework and write about programming the Live Framework.

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Programming Windows Live Framework

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